Sam Ryecroft

The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible - Clarke's second law


Developer by day, development ninja by night, and a student the rest of the time.

IoT maker

Software is fast evolving away from conventional platforms, I love to make applications that people can interact with in new and exciting ways.

Home lab enthusiast

Every developer needs a way to unwind and relax, it just so happens that mine involves maintaining my own server rack

What I do

It's the biggest question we ask ourselves, I like to think that I develop kick ass applications that help and improve the life's of others, helping to solve problems they didn't know they had, in a way few others could.


It's all well and good jumping in and writing code at the first chance, sooner or later though your going to run into trouble, the most important thing is to take a step back and design first, code later.


When not out on TOP SECRET ninja missions you can find me coding somewhere, I eat sleep and dream it, be it Java, NodeJS, C++, R or anything else for that matter


Being able to code is one thing, its important to be able to deploy your new fangled application as well so others can use it, be it containers, JAWS or a simple VPS or something new deployment is at the real heart of any project.


A well written application will look after itself up to a point, but it still has to be managed in order to keep your application running smoothly.


From time to time that application is going to break down, you might need to scale up as that application as demand grows what ever the case may be maintenance is key here.


The thing with applications is the job is never done, there are always features to add and performance enhancement to be made.

Get in touch

If you have any questions, comments or just fancy a bit of a chat feel free to get in contact.